Grade 1 Supply List 2018-2019

Room 305

1 pack highlighters
3 Marble hard-covered notebooks (red, green, blue)
1 Box crayons (24 +)
2 Box sharpened yellow #2 pencils w/erasers (made in U.S. preferred)
4 Large gluesticks
1 Pair blunt-point scissors (Fiskers if possible)
1 Plastic shoebox (not higher than 4 inches)
5 Folders with bottom pockets (blue, red, green, purple, yellow)
1 box of tissues
1 polymer eraser
2 packs 3 x 3 post-its

Room 307

2 Box tissues
3 Marble hard covered notebooks (red,green,blue)
1 Box Crayons (24 +)
4 large gluesticks
3 Box sharpened yellow #2 pencils (made in U.S.)
1 Pair blunt scissors (Fiskars)
1 Plastic shoe box (not higher than 4 inches) to fit supplies in desk
5 Plastic bottom pocket folders (red, green, blue, yellow, purple)
1 3-pk. black, low odor, dry erase fine point markers
2 polymer erasers
1 pkg. Crayola erasable colored pencils
1 pkg. index cards
1 pack highlighters
2 packs 3 x 3 post-its
pkg. 7th generation handiwipes


Room 313

3 Marble notebooks- blue, red, green
1 Box crayons (24 +)
4 Box sharpened #2 pencils (made in USA- Ticonderoga preferred)
4 Large gluesticks
1 Pair blunt fiskar scissors
3 Boxes of tissues
1 pack highlighters
2 polymer erasers
1 Large plastic supply box (not higher than 4”) large enough to fit supplies*
3 plastic folders w/bottom pockets (blue, red, green)
1 pack erasable Crayola colored pencils
2 method hand soaps
1 large clipboard
2 7th generation handiwipes
3 packs of post-its
3 pack low odor fine point dry erase marker
1 Small wash cloth in a ziplock bag
1 Package index cards


Please label all supplies
Library Media Center
Books which were borrowed by students in June to keep for summer reading should be returned on the first day of Library in September.
All articles of clothing should have child’s name and room number – so should lunch box, school bag, etc.  Lunch money should be carried in a small purse.