McVey Elementary School

Sklarsky Literacy Center Books About Reading

Title Number Copies Date Logged

Books about Reading

More Than Anything Else (other copies Level N) 1 Feb. 07

Wolf 1 Feb. 07

Wolf level M (other copies on M) 2 Dec-09

Chicks and Salsa 1 Feb. 07

Mr. George Baker(any first grade teacher has a copy) 1 .

Wednesday Surprise(see bin: Author Study: Bunting) 1 .

Thank You, Mr. Falkner 1 Feb. 07

One Smart Cookie 1 Apr.07

Amber on the Mountain (see level M) 8 Sept.07

Cherries and Cherry Pits (see level M) 2 Dec-09

Too Many Tamales (see level M) 2 Dec-09