McVey Elementary School

Sklarsky Literacy Center Big Books : Primary Non Fiction

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Big Books:Primary Non Fiction


Exploring Space . . .

Animal Armor . . . Earth & Moon . . .

Everything Grows . . .

Life in the Sea . . .

Whose Baby? (2 copies) . . .

Changing Seasons . . .

Home in a Tree . . .

Who Cares About the Weather  K . .

Sink or Float . . .

Our Sun, Our Weather H  yes .

Seeds Get Around (2 copies) H  . .

Leaping Frog (2 copies) H  . .

What Is Matter . . .

What is a Cycle . . .

Fish Faces . . .

Flowers to Food H  yes

The Compost Pile F yes

Clouds and Weather F yes

Raindrops G yes

Liquids F yes

Changes H  yes

Animal Life Cycles no

Hurricanes M yes

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere no

Bears no

Creature Features no

Squirrels All Year Long no

From Peanuts to Peanut Butter no

Where Do Animals Live? no

Kids For the Earth no

Who Cares About the Weather no

An apple A Day no

Mystery Monsters no

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly no

The Life Cycle of a Frog no

An Oak Tree has a Life Cycle no


Long Ago Children . . .

Places to Visit . . .

What Do We Pay For?  L . .

A World of Homes  H . . Fifty States One Country  K . . Presidents' Day . . . Labor Day . . . A World of Homes  H . .

Memorial Day F yes

Martin L King Jr. Day H yes

Thanksgiving Day G yes

Veteran's Day G yes

President's Day H yes

Columbus Day H yes

New Year's Day F yes

Independence Day H yes

Flag Day H yes

Labor Day H yes

Postcard Clues (math, maps, postcards) no

From Way Up High no

Life in the Desert no

Past and Present no

Safety on the Job no

What Do We Need? no

The World Around Us no

Being a Good Citizen no

Maps & Globes no

One World Many Cultures no