McVey Elementary School

Sklarsky Literacy Center Big Books: Non Fiction- by Subject Area- Primary and Intermediate Collection

Big Books: Primary Non Fiction

Science Math Fiction Tales Social Studies

What Is Space Seven Fat Cats Hattie and the Fox Long Ago Children

Places to Visit Move Over Chick and the Duckling .

Earth and Moon Three Little Ducks Chicken Little .

Exploring Space The Button Box (sorting) Little Red Hen .

Fossils The Doorbell Rang Caps For Sale .

Animal Armor . Owl and the Pussycat .

Everything Grows Chicken Soup With Rice (months) Three Bears .

Life in the Sun One Monday Morning (days of week) Gingerbread Man .

Whose Baby? . City Mouse & the Country Mouse .

Pumpkin, Pumpkin . . .

Big Books: Intermediate Non Fiction

Science Life Cycles Text Features Social Studies

Exploring Freshwater Habitat Caterpillar Diary Charts, Graphs, Diagrams Time Line USA

Exploring Land Habitats The Life of a Butterfly Getting Info From Maps Route 66

Salmon & 6 Little Books Tadpole Diary . .

Should There Be Zoos? . . .

Body Maps . . .

Body Facts . . .

Earth in Danger . . .