McVey Elementary School

Sklarsky Literacy Center Author Study: Tomie dePaola

Level Title Number Copies Date Logged

Author Study:Tomie dePaola

. Big Anthony & the Magic Ring 8 Apr-07

. Big Anthony His Story 8 Apr-07

K The Popcorn Book 3 Apr-07

N The Cloud Book 1 Apr-07

J Charlie Needs a Cloak 9 Apr-07

. Here We All Are 8 May-07

. 26 Fairmount Ave. 8 May-07

. Oliver Button is a Sissy 8 May-07

. Strega Nona Takes Vacation 8 May-07

. Strega Nona Meets Her Match 8 May-07

Big Book Art Lesson- SEE PRIMARY FICTION 1 Jun-08

Big Book Charlie Needs a Cloak-SEE Primary Fiction 1 May-08