McVey Elementary School

Sklarsky Literacy Center Level F Books

Level Title Number Copies Date Logged


F Late For Soccer 31 Sept. 06.

F Look at Me 13 Sept. 06

F The Trip to the Park 5 Sept. 06

F Playing With Dad 5 Sept. 06

F The Car Accident  6 Sept. 06

F Get Lost  6 Sept. 06

F Herman's Tooth 6 Sept. 06

F The Feisty Old Woman Who Lived in the Cozy Cave 6 Sept. 06

F The In line Skates 6 Apr-06

F The Rap Party  6 Apr-06.

F The House in the Tree 27 Apr-06.

F Honey For Baby Bear 19 Apr-06

F The Best Cake 31 Apr-06

F Tabby in the Tree 31 Apr-06

F The Christmas Tree 31 Sept. 06

F Jane's Car 35 Sept. 06

F Baby Bear's Present 26 Sept. 06

F Sally's Friends 33 Sept. 06

F Magpie's Baking Day 35 Sept. 06

F Tricking Tracy 4 Sept. 06

F It's Not Fair 5 Sept. 06

F Itchy Itchy Chicken Pox 5 Apr. 07

F Jake Baked a Cake 5 Apr. 07

F Mr. Wolf Leaves Town 6 Sept. 06

F Mr. Wolf Tries Again 6 Sept. 06

F Sebastian 6 Sept. 06

F Who's that Knocking at My Door? 6 Sept. 06

F  Ants 6 Apr. 07

F  Sharing with Luke 6 Apr. 07


F Whales 6 Apr-07

F At the Farmer's Market 6 Apr-07

F Pride of Lions 6 Apr-07.

F Rainforest Plants 6 Apr-06

F Birds 4 Apr-07.

F Giant Dinosaurs 7 Apr-07

F What's the Matter? 6 Apr-07

F Liquids (see Solids Level G) 6 Apr-07

F Seeds on the Move 6 Apr-07

F The Compost Pile 6 Apr-07

F Fruit for Breakfast, Fruit for Lunch 6 Apr-07

F Snow 6 Apr-07

F Clouds and Weather 6 Apr-07

F Using Your Senses at School 6 Apr-07

F Comparing Two Cities 8 Sept-07

F Watch A Frog Grow 8 Sept-07

F Grapes to Raisins 8 Sept-07

F Pyramids 6 Feb. 2008

F Make a Paper Airplane (how to) 6 Sept-09


Holiday Books(Big Books Also)

F New Year's Day 6 Apr-07

F Memorial Day 6 Apr-07 Tales

F Fox and the Crow 6 Apr-06

F The Lion & th Rabbit 38 Apr-06


F Derek Jeter (see sports corner) 6 Apr-06

F Venus Williams (see sports corner) 6 Apr-06

F Wayne Gretzky (see sports corner) 6 Apr-06

F Sammy Sosa (see sports corner) 6 Apr-06

F Laura Ingalls Wilder 6 Feb. 2008