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Holocaust Assembly

In the ongoing effort of promoting acceptance and unity, a school wide exploration of the Holocaust was performed over a three-day period.  Similar to past years, students traveled back in time to this dark chapter in human history in the hope of having them understand how this solemn event impacts us today as individuals, as a community and on our society as a whole. On Thursday April 27th, Theater Three came to East Meadow High School to present “From The Fires: Voices of the Holocaust”.  This powerful production traces the life of Rachel Gold, a Berlin teenager, and her experiences from 1937 to 1945. The play follows her from the inception of the Nuremberg Laws through deportation to Auschwitz and finally the death march to Mauthausen.

Holocaust Assembly Holocaust Assembly Holocaust Assembly
Holocaust Assembly Holocaust Assembly Holocaust Assembly

East Meadow High School Student Reflections

From the Fires: Voices of the Holocaust

1 “Thank you for showing this powerful play to my school.”

2 “I think that your play helped a lot of people understand the horrors of the Holocaust.  Seeing it had a big impact. I think everyone learned from the play because it was so specific and real.”

3 “The play was moving because it gave me the opportunity to truly feel and see how terrifying the Holocaust was.”

4 “You really opened my eyes about the true horrors and hardships of the Holocaust…this play has changed my views.”

5 “I would like to thank you all so much for coming to East Meadow High School.  It allowed the kids of my generation, who barely have any context, to visually see the extent of the concentration camps.  This performance allowed me to see how the Jews lost their individuality.”

6 “I thought your play was really powerful. The way you portrayed the different characters really helped people to see what the Holocaust was really like.  To actually see what a family would have to go through really makes you think about how terrible it was.  It really makes you think about what it was like and what we can do to make sure it never happens again.”

7 “This play made me understand how important it is that history does not repeat itself.”

8 “I just wanted to say thank you for coming to my school to present a powerful show.  I hope that after your performance no one will draw swastikas on anything anymore because you showed us the real meaning behind it.”

9 “The play was very informational and I enjoyed it very much. It gave me a better understanding of the Holocaust. I also learned that so many innocent people were affected by this in addition to the Jews.”

10 “I recently saw your performance about the Holocaust.  I was very moved by the show…it was sad, informative and scary. The scene that really had an impact on me was the school scene when the teacher taught everyone that Jews were a mistake of society and even made Rachel say horrible things about herself.  This made me upset and angry to learn that innocent children were being told that who they are is wrong.  I loved the parts in the play when all of the characters were speaking at the same time because it made me feel like I was there too.  I hope you will be able to come back and show the kids younger than me how horrible this time period was so they know not to ever let this happen again.”

11 “Thank you for the amazing performance. This really gave me an understanding on what people went through during the Holocaust.  I couldn’t believe this actually happened to families who did absolutely nothing to deserve this.  It was horrible when Peter became one of ‘them’ and treated Rachel like everyone else even when he knew her for a long time.”

12 “The performance that you put on really touched my soul.  The characters that stood out to me were Mr. Gold and Peter.  Mr. Gold was a truly good person who just wanted to protect his daughter while Peter turned to the dark side.  A true hero would have stood up and died ‘strong-willed’ rather than stay alive with no dignity.  When I saw Peter with that swastika symbol it broke my heart because he was my favorite character.  It’s funny because Mr. Gold helped Peter out so much in life just to have Peter turn his back on Mr. Gold when he asks for help.  I felt the play was inspiring and could influence us to not have this happen again.”

13 “This was an amazing demonstration of showing the power of the Holocaust.  I strongly agree that Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, Jehovah Witness etc. should not be judged by their beliefs.  Rachel did not know why she was getting harassed during class for being Jewish.  I believe that it doesn’t matter.  The cast did a great job in expressing the harsh punishments and struggles individuals went through.”

14 “The play was powerful and really touched me and my peers. It made me rethink how to treat everyone…not to lower someone’s self-esteem just because of their differences. Respect everyone for who they are.”

15 “What you are doing is incredibly important.  Although this is an extremely sad topic this is exactly why we need to remember it.”

16 “Thank you for coming to East Meadow High School to perform your hauntingly accurate play about the Holocaust.  The hard work and effort that was put into the play was clear and the effect it had on my school was incredible.  My favorite scene was when the landlady took the Gold’s in.  It is very easy to be brave with your words. But, how many people, when the time came, would actually stand up?”

17 “I thought your play was very powerful.  I did not know the extent of all of the torture that was inflicted on the people of the concentration camps.  This play was very honest and exactly what I needed to understand this horrific act.”

18 “I had gone in with the expectation of seeing just another generic Holocaust play.  Then the play started and I was instantly hooked.  The repeating of phrases such as ‘food’ was almost hypnotic and suddenly it felt like I was there with them begging for survival.  Watching as Mr. Gold was in denial as their rights kept being stripped away.  Seeing the brainwashing of children in schools to make them believe that Jewish people were beneath them.  I hope it touched every student like it touched me.”

19 “I would like to thank the entire cast for coming to our schools and having an influence on my peers and I.  The assembly was an eye-opener and I will now have a connection whenever I hear about the Holocaust.”

20 “It really made me think twice about how I treat people and who I want to be.  I found Rachel to be really touching because no matter what, she always had hope and she always thought of others before herself.  I like that you showed the pictures.  I was really shocked and sad that people really did this…that they treated people like animals.”

21 “Thank you so much for your presentation.  Since I am Jewish and grew up learning about the Holocaust I appreciate the understanding that the play gave students.  I hope you guys continue to teach people the importance of remembering this terrible time in our world.”

22 “I really enjoyed the play.  I was so impressed with the emotion behind the acting.  I appreciated that you put light on how this related to current events.”

23 “It was a great show.”

24 “I really enjoyed your performance.  It impressed me how well you embodied people from that time period.  I learned how hard it was living through that and being separated from your family.  Thank you for giving us this opportunity to learn.”


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