Physical Education, Health and Athletics

The building directors of Physical Education, Health and Athletics are responsible for the instructional program in the areas of Physical Education and Health, as well as, the function and performance of the Interscholastic Athletic Program. As such, these administrators work to provide the students of the East Meadow School District with the highest quality of education that is possible in these three areas.

In addition, Health Services falls under these directors’ jurisdiction. Accordingly, the unification and coordination of the daily practices of the school health offices are established by these leaders. There are 41 teachers, 172 coaches (152 teams), 12 school nurses, 2 athletic trainers and 1 secretary within this department.

As a team, all of the aforementioned professionals work in conjunction with each other to create a healthy, safe atmosphere of mutual respect in a constant pursuit of excellence and in concert with the New York State Learning Standards. Curriculum constants herein include character education, Project Adventure, proper nutrition, literacy through movement, and the Educational Framework for Athletics.

Athletic Directors

Kevin Regan

East Meadow High School, Barnum Woods
Elementary School, McVey Elementary School,
Parkway Elementary School
Joshua Friedman

W.T. Clarke High School, Bowling Green
Elementary School, Meadowbrook Elementary School
Carol Lehmann

Woodland Middle School
Janine Heilbronn

W.T. Clarke Middle School


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Sep 02, 2014