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Brain Pop
Username: bowlinggreenschool
Password: bgschool

Brain Pop Jr.
Username and Password same as above.

Discovery Education
Check with the Librarian for the New User Code.

Modern Chalkboard
Large archive of interactive Smartboard lessons

Enchanted Learning
Username: eastmeadow
Password: grandfather84

Teachers' Domain
"Teachers' Domain is a free digital media service for educational use from public broadcasting and its partners."

Smart Exchange
30,000 searchable teacher created Smartboard lessons and activity files

Mr. Young's Bouncy A
Large index of online curriculum activities

Read Write Think
"Providing educators and students access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction."

"ThinkFinity provides quality Internet curriculum content for K-12 teachers, offering over 1,000 original lessons and reviewed resources through its Partner Web sites."

This is a Discovery Channel site that allows students and teachers to make their own crosswords, word searches, mazes and other games. Students can EASILY make their own puzzles, view and edit and print within minutes.

Babel Fish
Type in English - have it translated into Spanish, French, German, etc. Will also translate foreign languages into English.

Lesson Plans and Educational Resources

The School Bell
Education World
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
Teachnet Online Lesson Plans
Blue Ribbon Learning Sites
The Global School House
Busy Teachers' Website K-12
Web Sites and Resources for Teachers
Pro Teacher

Educational Java Programs - Base 10 Blocks & Pattern Blocks
The Math Forum
The Math Forum - Exploring Data
Math Archives: K-12 Teaching Materials
Science and Mathematics Initiative
Geoboards in the Classroom
Math Worksheet Creator
Math Goodies  ****

Elementary Science Support Center
Windows to the Universe
SEDS -Students for the Exploration and Development of Space

The Internet Public Library
Project Gutenberg
The Children's Literature Web Guide
Apple Learning Interchange

How Stuff Works

Art Encyclopedia

School House Rock
Songs and lyrics from the TV show

K-12 Resources For Music Educators
Valuable resources for music educators and students

Sandy Toms – Inside The Web
Music Education Resources developed by teachers, provides lesson plans in all music subject areas

Music Education Launch Site #
Excellent site geared toward teachers. Contains lesson plans, links, games, and the music education search site,  “Allegro.”

Music Education Directory
A guide to online music education links, sites, and resources providing information and news to assist music teachers, students, parents, administrators, and researchers. Some of the links include midi files.

Music Educator’s National Conference
A resource for K-12 music teachers that contains the national standards for all levels and lots of lesson plans.

Mr. E's Virtual Music Classroom
Lessons, songs, recipes, and more

The Music Educator's Cyberspace Station
Lesson Plans categorized by grade level

Teaching and Learning Center for Elementary Music
Lessons for K-6 with bibliographies and extension ideas; Lessons on calypso, themes, tone color and melodic contour

American Music Education Initiative
The American Music Education Initiative (AMEI) of the National Music Foundation is designed to identify, recognize and support the creative educational accomplishments of teachers who use American music in the classroom. By celebrating the work of these teachers and sharing their award winning lessons on our web site, we hope to encourage the teaching of American music in schools throughout the country.

The Orchestra
Short but informative description and history of the orchestra. Several excerpts of famous orchestral pieces are included (at least 5 minutes in length) as well as an excellent lesson on how sound is produced including experiments on sound.