Social Studies Links

American History

A site maintained by The Department of History at Ohio State University

This Day in History
Find out what happened on your birthday - part of the History Channel website

On This Day
Another "What happened on your birthday" site

American Memory
The Library of Congress' Historical Collections for the National Digital Library

Native Americans

Native American Website for Children
A site developed by the New Haven School District, California

Native Americans - Resources for Kids & Teachers
A good links index for elementary students

The Colonies

The 13 American Colonies 
Good student friendly site about the colonies - Part of the Social Studies for Kids Website

The Constitution
The complete U.S. Constitution


Go West Across America with Lewis & Clark  #
An interactive site that challenges the student to solve the same problems that Lewis & Clark encountered

New Perspectives on The West
This website created by PBS has many good sections. This link begins on the biography page.

Illuminating the past through personal narratives and other first-handsources


The 1900s
A listing of important U.S. events for each year of the century


Holidays and Festivals

The First Thanksgiving  Scholastic
"Find out about the daily lives of the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag as you go back to the year of the first Thanksgiving."

Holidays on the Net
A searchable multimedia site with a varied collection of U.S. holidays and celebrations including Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Mardi Gras, etc.

Celebrations of Christmas around the world

Ramadan on the Net