K - 2

Early Math

Kindergarten Math Skill Builders #
An excellent menu of K appropriate math activities

First Grade Math Skill Builders #
An excellent menu of Grade 1 math activities

Math's MagNet #
Another good collection of lower elementary math activities

Complete the Pattern #
Complete the color pattern

Compare and Order #
Comparison activities - developing the language of comparison using such terms as biggest, smallest, longest,  etc.

Snowflake Maker #
A simple to master program creates beautiful snowflake patterns.

Early Reading

The Painting Game #
Students match pictures with initial sounds

A "Learn-to-Read" website, animated, students can click on words to hear pronounciation

Many well known children stories read online

Learning Activities - Preschool and Primary
A collection of early childhood activities

Spinning the Web for K-2 Teachers
A site developed for K-2 teachers by BOCES Professional Trainers Joanne Diskin and Jean Stanziale

Story Place Pre-School Library #
Numerous pre-school activities and stories developed by the Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

Primary Games #
Many interactive activities for lower elementary