First Grade

Bowling Green School
First Grade
September 2016

*1 plastic supply box (81/2 by 51/2) to hold supplies
*80 sharpened good quality #2 pencils (Dixon or Papermate work the best)
*2 pairs of Fiskar brand scissors (please remove scissors from the package)
*5 small boxes of Crayola crayons (24 count only)
*1box of Crayola markers (Classic colors)
*1 set of Crayola watercolor paints
*15 large white glue sticks (please label with your child’s name and put all glue sticks in a Ziploc bag) (Elmer’s or Avery work the best)
*3 sturdy bottom pocket folders (must be bottom pocket)
*4 hard cover marble composition notebooks (wide ruled lines)    
   (NOT college ruled)
*3 dry erase low odor markers (broad tip)
*1 pkg. Post-it notes (3x3)
*1 9x12 piece of black felt
*2 large boxes of tissues
*1 box of gallon size Ziploc bags
*1 large T-shirt with your child’s name written in marker for an art smock
*Each child must send in 1 complete change of clothes in a sealed ziplock bag labeled with your child’s name.
***$6.00 cash (no checks please) for Scholastic News.  Please put $ in an envelope with your child’s name.
**Please label crayons, folders, notebooks, scissors, dry erase markers and glue sticks with your child’s name
****Please set up your child’s plastic supply box with 1 box of crayons, 1 pair of scissors, 1 glue stick and 3 pencils.

Additional supplies requested from the following classroom:
Room 113                                                                                                                                                  
* 1 1 inch hard cover binder