Educational and Thinking Games

Strategy Games
Chess #
Good chess game for students.

Math is Fun
A large collection of strategy games and puzzles gathered from all over the Internet.

Strategy Games #
Play Battleship against the computer or Connect 4 against another person.


Jigsaw Puzzles from National Geographic #
Good jigsaw puzzles from the magazine's website.

Jigsaw Puzzles #
Online jigsaw puzzles with an option for setting the difficulty of the puzzles.

Rush #
An interesting puzzle using cars in a parking lot.

Hooda Math #
Great Site with dozens of problem solving games. Several of them are below.

Magnetic Moment #
Great problem solving game!

Sugar, Sugar #
Another great puzzle from the same site as Magnetic Moment.

Sugar, Sugar  Xmas #
A second set of sugar problems

Way of an Idea #

A super problem solving game!

Minesweeper #
Find the mines and don't get blown up.

Primary Games #
Puzzles and strategy games.


Golf Range #
Try for a "hole-in-one" by exploring velocity, angle, and drag.