First Grade Supply Lists


Barnum Woods Elementary School
East Meadow, NY

The following is a list of general supplies your child will need to begin first grade. Some additional items may be added by your child’s teacher in September.

· **A bus tag with child’s name and bus number** (If they are not going on a bus, please include a note indicating how they are going home)

· 1 large Elmer’s glue (white)
· 5 large glue sticks
· 1 medium box of Crayola crayons (no more than 24)
· 1 box of broad tip Crayola markers (washable)
· 1 large eraser                                                                 
· 1 highlighter
· 1 dry erase marker (any color)
· 1 package of post-its                       
· Fiskcars scissors
· 4 large marble notebooks with different color covers (bound – not spiral)
· 3 folders with horizontal pockets (different colors)
· 1 smock for art class (an oversized t-shirt will do)
· Daily healthy snack – no candy

The following will be shared with the class:
· 1 box (12) yellow #2 sharpened pencils (Ticonderoga Preferred)
· 1 box of tissues
· Boys: 1 box of sandwich sized Zip-Loc bags
· Girls: 1 box of gallon sized Zip-Loc bags