The Meaning of our Logo

What Does Our Logo Mean?


The logo we selected to represent Barnum Woods School Character Education Program is a variation of themes used in other Character Education models.  We created this logo because it clearly represents the spirit of what we are attempting to achieve.  It is a concise representation of the essential parts of a meaningful values program.
It clearly conveys the importance of knowing, caring and doing process that must be inherent in a Character Education model if we are to truly create changes in our growing people.

The HEAD symbolizes the knowledge of what is right.

The HEART symbolizes the need to care about what is right.

The HANDS represent the importance of doing what is right.


School is an important partner in the social development of our young people. The responsibility for teaching and understanding of right and wrong, respect and caring and other core values is increasing each day.  We accept the responsibility and hope that this program will contribute to the nurturing of young people who have respect for themselves, their families and others.