Community News

Barnum Woods Elementary School
East Meadow, NY

Barnum Woods Community Report- March 2018

Singer/songwriter Jared Campbell performed at Barnum Woods. Mr. Campbell’s strong message of paying it forward made a huge impression on the students.  Through songs and video clips he was able to highlight the beauty of cultural diversity and the importance of respect for one another.  Most importantly, Mr. Campbell helped the children understand just how valuable each and every one of them is. The assembly integrated Character Education themes of respect, anti-bullying, good choices, self-esteem and the differences that make us each unique.  The assembly did not only impact the students, but the staff as well.
Barnum Woods PMT is conducting a World’s Finest Chocolates fundraising candy bar sale to raise money for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.  We are adopting our head custodian’s, Onix Ruiz, childhood school in Ponce, Puerto Rico to help them rebuild.  We can all remember when Superstorm Sandy hit East Meadow and many of us lost power for about two weeks.  About 40% of Puerto Rico is still without power from over five months ago.  In true Barnum Woods spirit, we want to help the community of a man we all cherish in our school.

Barnum Woods second graders came to school dressed as their favorite famous Americans on February 14, 2018.  In close collaboration between classroom teachers, library/media and computer specialists, students were held responsible for conducting research via biographies and computer resources.  The boys and girls researched a variety of biographies.  Students conducted presentations for third, fourth and fifth grade classes, explaining important contributions made by famous Americans such as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Barack and Michelle Obama, Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart and Michael Jordan.  The entire second grade proudly paraded through the halls of Barnum Woods for all to see.

Students begin their instrumental studies in third grade with an introduction to recorders.  This begins with students learning fingering patterns and being completely immersed in a kinesthetic environment to create sound with an instrument.  Following a fingering coordination with patterns and a “Call & Response” Unit, students begin connecting the letter names with respective places on the music staff.  For most students, this is their first actual exposure to the new language of music.  The third graders have made tremendous progress at this half-year mark.  Symbols, circles and flags on a page now must be translated to sound, just as symbols, circles and lines are translated into sounds and letters, followed by words and sentences.  In addition to a debut concert in front of parents in June, the goal of the 3rd grade general music curriculum is to provide students with an understanding of how to translate dots on a page into beautiful melody, coupled with an elevated confidence with their overall language and reading acquisition and presentation skills.  Playing an instrument like the recorder enables our third grade East Meadow students to better process speech in classrooms and, more accurately, interpret the nuances of language, which are conveyed by subtle changes in the human voice.