Community News

Barnum Woods Elementary School
East Meadow, NY

February 2017


Barnum Woods-Community Report-February 2017

Starting the new year, for many, means reflecting and making a conscience effort to improve oneself.  Barnum students are no different. Classroom teachers facilitated discussions on good behavior and what each student would like to “see” when he/she looks in the mirror.  To enhance and expand the lessons, teachers integrated literature that reflected positive character traits.  As a culminating activity, all students participated in creating an interactive bulletin board.  Each class visited the character education bulletin board, which was adorned with three large posters of mirrors. While they looked into the mirrors and reflected, children wrote inspirational words for the purpose of encouraging good behavior.  The bulletin board, appropriately titled, “Behavior is a Mirror in Which You Show Your Image,” acts as a daily reminder for our youngsters to always be the best version of themselves.

Singer/songwriter Jared Campbell performed at Barnum Woods on January 19, 2017.  Mr. Campbell’s strong message of paying it forward made a huge impression on the students.  Through songs and video clips he was able to highlight the beauty of cultural diversity and the importance of respect for one another.  Most importantly, Mr. Campbell helped the children understand how just how valuable each and every one of them is. The assembly integrated Character Education themes of respect, anti-bullying, good choices, self-esteem and the differences that make us each unique.  The assembly did not only impact the students, but the staff as well.

Ms. Vitale’s fourth graders created Inauguration Day lapbooks.  The books included a timeline of events, presidential fast facts, inauguration vocabulary, the swearing in, the presidential oath, the vice presidential oath, and the presidential roles.  On January 20, 2017 the presidential inauguration was streamed live for the students to watch in the classroom.  The boys and girls used their student made interactive lapbooks to follow the timeline of events.  The youngsters were very excited to be a part of history and watch our new president and vice president take their oaths to our great country.

Barnum Woods hosted its Pre-Kindergarten Parent Orientation on Friday, February 3, 2017.  Jeanette Iannelli, reading teacher, spoke about the curriculum goals of the program.  Afterwards, Pre-Kindergarten teacher, Pamela Klivan, introduced herself, welcomed parents, and explained what was needed for the first day of school.  She made parents feel comfortable and discussed the importance of homework, and reading with their children every day.  The parents had an opportunity to walk around the classroom, speak with Ms. Klavin one-on-one, and ask any questions.  The orientation was a success, as parents left feeling informed and at ease about their child’s first experience in school.