100 Days of Fun and Education

100 Days of Fun and Education photo

Students at the East Meadow School District’s Meadowbrook Elementary School were excited to celebrate 100 days of school on February 14 by dressing for the occasion and participating in various activities and lessons.

Kindergarten students gathered in the school’s All Purpose Room to participate in various 100 days of school activities. They built objects out of 100 cups, finger-painted 100 boxes, took pictures with a frame decorated for 100 days and did 10 sets of 10 different activities that summed 100 repetitions.

The kindergarten classrooms also showcased projects created by the students to celebrate 100 days of learning. They exhibited being 100 days smarter with creations such as 100 goldfish crackers on poster board, 100 stars and many other unique concepts.

In the second-grade, students each wrote what they believe to be the details of their life when they are 100 years old. They predicted where they will reside, their favorite food, their career path and other interesting storylines. The stories were hung outside each classroom along with faces made out of paper, pencil and cotton balls to illustrate what students will look like at 100.

Additionally, students from kindergarten through fifth-grade dressed up as 100-year-olds and incorporated the number 100 into their outfits in various ways. Ideas included 100 symbols of mathematics, 100 Super Mario coins, as well as many others.