Clarke HS VE Students Compete at Regional Trade Show

Clarke HS VE Students Compete at Regional Trade Show

The Virtual Enterprise class at W.T. Clarke High School demonstrated their business acumen and ingenuity when they competed in the Virtual Enterprise International Northeast Regional Trade Show at Farmingdale State College on Jan. 13.

According to its website, VEI is a global business simulation that offers students a competitive edge through project-based, collaborative learning and the development of 21st-century skills in entrepreneurship, global business, problem-solving, communication, personal finance and technology.

Consisting of 19 seniors, W.T. Clarke’s VE class mimics the operations of a real business, with departments including accounting, marketing, human resources and web design. The company is entirely student-run, with teacher Joseph Pavia acting as its consultant. In addition to managing its daily operations on a multi-departmental level, the students also evaluate employee growth and receive a virtual salary that can be spent on products and services offered by other schools’ VE firms, both local and international.

W.T. Clarke’s firm, Munchkings, sells snack mixes that are customized to targeted consumer groups’ tastes. The “Lazy Man Mix,” for example, is an assortment of potato chips, popcorn, chocolate candies and mini chocolate chip cookies and is geared toward the armchair athlete, while the “Veggie Mix” is a blend for the more health-conscious consisting of veggie straws, veggie chips and pressure-cooked potato chips.

At the regional show, the Munchkings’ administrative team presented their 30-page business plan and a 15-minute PowerPoint presentation to a panel of judges. In addition, undercover judges walked the sales floor to analyze the businesses of more than 900 students. They awarded the Munchkings first place for best sales pitch and second place for most enthusiastic firm, the latter bestowed upon those companies that exhibit the most passion, energy and perseverance.

“This is not an ordinary class,” said Pavia. “My students always amaze me with their dedication, hard work and perseverance. I am very fortunate to teach this class and am beyond grateful for the incredible support I receive from my administrators.”  

The results have not calculated, but if the Munchkings advance, they will participate in VEI’s 2017 Youth Business Summit, a national-level competition that will be held in New York City from April 3-5. This competition brings school firms from all over the U.S. and the world to trade live with each other.

The East Meadow School District wishes the Munchkings much success as they continue in the competition.