East Meadow High School’s ‘Larceny and Old Lace’ a hit

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The East Meadow High School Theatre Guild gave a showstopping performance that kept audience in stitches when they presented “Larceny and Old Lace” on Dec. 8-10.

Written by Van Vandagriff and directed by East Meadow High School English teacher Amanda Priole, “Larceny and Old Lace” is the story of Harold Peabody, a caring nephew who watches after his eccentric Uncle Charlie while his aunts, Gertie and Millie, are on a gambling trip in Las Vegas. Uncle Charlie, who thinks he is a pirate, is constantly burying “treasure” in the basement. When Harold hears the local bank has been robbed and discovers a bag of money in the house, he declares that Charlie is responsible and should be sent to a sanitarium. Aunts Gertie and Millie will not stand for such a thing — especially since they had stolen that money during their Vegas trip. On top of that, Harold’s cousin Mordred, an escaped convict, appears at the house with a bundle of stolen money and the FBI hot on his trail. On the brink of a breakdown, Harold attempts to keep his aunts out of jail, Mordred from killing them and his fiancée from leaving him, all while keeping himself from going insane.  

The talented East Meadow cast and crew embraced the unique characteristics of the Peabody family in this riotous production of Vandagriff’s spoof on the classic “Arsenic and Old Lace.”

The Theatre Guild would like to express their gratitude to Priole, high school students Gabriella Landri and Rayaa Anglada (assistant directors), art teacher Ingo Prangenberg (technical advisor) and Board of Education trustee Scott Eckers (lighting design) for this successful fall production.