Tying a Knot for Survival

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Fifth-graders of Bowling Green Elementary School made paracord “survival” bracelets through Operation Gratitude for U.S. troops and first responders.
According to its website, Operation Gratitude annually sends more than 200,000 care packages filled with food, entertainment, hygiene and handmade items as well as personal letters of appreciation to veterans, first responders, wounded heroes, new recruits and active U.S. service members deployed overseas.
Each student of Jennifer Abshire’s class braided parachute cords to create a bracelet that can withstand 550 pounds of weight. When unraveled, the bracelets can provide eight feet of strong rope or string in emergency situations. The outer sheath and inner strings of the bracelets can be used as a sling or tied on a splint, as a tripwire, to make nets and traps, or as thread to stitch wounds.
Additionally, each fifth-grader attached a personalized message thanking the servicemen and women for their service to our country.