Saluting our Soldiers


In observance of Veterans Day, Barnum Woods Elementary School kindergartners received a special visit from veteran Master Sergeant Peter Gong while sophomores at East Meadow High School participated in an assembly with members of the Vietnam War Veterans Association on Long Island.

Wearing patriotic colors and carrying miniature American flags, kindergartners gathered in the school’s small gymnasium, where they learned about the different branches of government, the embellishments on Master Sgt. Gong’s uniform and what the colors on the American flag represent.

As a thank-you for his service and dedication to the country, the entire Barnum Woods kindergarten class presented Master Sgt. Gong with an American flag they had created. The flag’s red and white stripes consisted of construction paper hand cutouts that bore the name of each student.       

Across the district, sophomores heard Vietnam Veterans speak about patriotism and acts of service to the nation. Veterans also shared their experiences from Vietnam and discussed hardships of the war, including serving duty overseas in extreme weather conditions of steaming hot temperatures and monsoons. Providing a firsthand look at the war, they circulated authentic materials used by soldiers such as helmets, vests, books, photo albums and enemy equipment.

In turn, the students expressed their gratitude to the veterans for serving the country and devoting their lives to protecting the freedoms of the United States.