The Parkway Third-grade Class President is…

Amidst the election season, Parkway Elementary School third-graders held their own election on Nov. 7 to decide who would be president of the school’s third-grade class.
As part of the social studies curriculum, all third-grade classes studied the election process, including the history of voting and how it has progressed over the years, the responsibilities of voters, and the difference between electoral and popular votes. Among the classes, the students were divided into the electoral college representing “electors” from one of the 50 states. Third-graders created signs, researched interesting and unique facts specific to their state, and decided which candidate they would vote for prior to the election.
The grade’s candidates included presidential nominees Ian Schub and Julian Morales and their respective vice presidential running mates, Jonathan Almendares and Timothy Diep.
On the day of the election, the third-graders gathered in the all-purpose room with their posters and signs to determine who would be class president. As each state representative shared their electoral votes and unique fact, the remaining students colored the state on their map of the United States — red for Schub and blue for Morales. Schub and Almendares came out the victors, winning the spots for president and vice president of their grade.