A Page-Turning Summer

Emily Jackson, a fifth-grader at George McVey Elementary School challenged herself to exceed school librarian Ellen O’Neill’s record of reading 24 books as her summer reading project.
Ms. O’Neill was featured in a local newspaper when she was in elementary school for winning a reading contest by reading 24 books during summer vacation. Inspired by the librarian, Emily decided to break Ms. O’Neill’s record as the goal for her own summer reading project.
During the summer, Emily always had a book in hand, whether at the beach, in the mountains or on the soccer field. George McVey Principal Kerry Dunne was very proud of Emily for surpassing Ms. O’Neill’s summer reading record.
“I had no idea Emily’s summer reading project was to exceed Ms. O’Neill’s summer reading record,” said Ms. Dunne. “We are all tremendously proud of Emily’s accomplishment and hope she harvests this love for reading throughout her life.”  
When Emily returned to school on Sept. 6, she had accomplished her goal by reading 30 books from cover to cover, a total of 4,000 pages during the summer months. A few of the novels she read included book series “The Baby-Sitters Club,” by Ann M. Martin, “Queen of Likes” by Hillary Homzie and “Cake Pop Crush” by Suzanne Nelson.