A Day of Remembrance


Patriotism soared through the District on Sept. 11 as students, dressed in red, white and blue, commemorating the 15th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Across the district, students learned about the tragedy of the events on 9/11 and designated Patriot Day as a “day of service,” during which they pledged to help others.

Meadowbrook Elementary School’s fifth-graders planted American flags in the school’s garden and held a moment of silence to honor the fallen victims, police officers, firefighters and first responders. In addition fourth-graders of Denise Henning’s class read Carmen Agra Deedy’s book “14 Cows for America,” a story about a small African village that sent 14 cows to comfort the US ensue of the tragedy. The class was asked to write about a special intangible gift they would have given to America during this time. Gifts included peace, love and companionship.     

In social studies classes at East Meadow High School, teachers discussed the historic unfolding of events with their students, encouraging them to remember the lives that were lost. The classes contributed to a 9/11-tribute banner constructed by the school’s Model Congress and Social Studies Honor Society, which featured the names of every victim and a replica of the American flag. In a unifying gesture, each student submitted a red, white or blue index card pledging a personal act of duty or kindness that would make the community a safer place.

The high school classes also paid a visit to a 9/11 memorial, outside the Mathematics corridor, that was created six years ago through a partnership between Model Congress, the social studies department and the Social Studies Honor Society. The memorial includes two juniper trees symbolizing the Twin Towers and a piece of debris from the attacks, encircled by American flags.