100 Days Smarter


Barnum Woods Elementary School kindergartners celebrated their first 100 days of school.

Marianne Berry’s kindergartners began the day by strutting down the runway in their designer “100 Day T-Shirts.” Each student created a t-shirt featuring 100 items. The collection included shirts with stars, hearts, stickers and pom-poms.

Following the fashion show, Ms. Berry’s class rotated between various stations focusing on what students have learned since the first day of school. The “100” themed stations consisted of imprinting 100 stamps by counting by tens, writing and drawing what they have learned over the past 100 days, and creating a 100 beaded necklace made of ‘Fruit Loops.’

Continuing with the celebration, Kerri Portillo’s first-grade class read stories about 100 days of schools and designed their own “100 Day T-Shirts” and “100 Days Smarter” crowns.