Once Upon a Clarke Musical


W. T. Clarke High School recently performed Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical “Cinderella.”

Forced into the servitude of her stepmother Madame and two daughters, Charlotte and Gabrielle, a young woman Ella, dreams and achieves a better life with the help of her friends “crazy Marie,” revolutionary student Jean-Michel and the animals in the woods. Meanwhile across the kingdom, Prince Topher, who is to become King, struggles to find his purpose in life. When Sebastian, the Prince’s scheming advisor, suggests hosting a ball for him to meet potential brides, Ella and Topher’s different worlds collide.

Under the direction of Kristen Norwark with the musical assistance of choral teacher Robin Hall and orchestra teacher Adrianna Schaefer, the cast and crew received a standing ovation from the audience and brought the classic fairytale to life with their enchanted musical talents.