Clarke MS Placed 3rd in Brookhaven National Lab Science Bowl

W. T. Clarke Middle School won third place in the Brookhaven National Lab 2016 Long Island Regional Science Bowl.
Sponsored by the Department of Energy, the academic competition consisted of 20 middle school teams where students answered questions pertaining to earth science, physical science, life science, math and general science. The competition consists of round-robin rotations and a final elimination round.
The Clarke eighth-grade team consisting of captain Ankit Sayed, Abishek Ravindran, Deeti Patel, Yuktha Chiguripaiti and Abdulhadi Javed competed in seven games, answering over 200 questions. The team came in third place after a triple tiebreak round among the top four competitors.
The team’s coaches, science teacher Donna Stake and business teacher Cindy Dale, were very proud of their students and enthusiastic for next year’s competition.
“This was a phenomenal experience for the students and coaches,” said Coach Stake. “You can bet we’ll be back next year.”